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We offer a range of specialized services to cater to individual needs, support corporate teams, and provide clinical supervision for psychologists. Our individual services include one-to-one clinical consultations, where individuals can explore their mental health struggles and develop strategies for symptom management. For corporate clients, we provide health teams coaching, psychoeducation/training, and workshops to foster a positive culture around mental health and wellbeing. Additionally, we offer clinical supervision services for psychologists, ensuring professional support and guidance. Read on to learn more about each service and how we can assist you in promoting mental health and wellbeing.


-1. One-to-One Clinical Consultations: I provide one-to-one clinical consultations for individuals struggling with their mental health, whether short term or long term. These sessions help individuals explore their mental health struggles, develop strategies for symptom management, and provide support for additional referrals to other health professionals if needed. Online therapy is available via Zoom or telephone, making it convenient and accessible. Each session is 50 minutes, providing you with a safe space to talk.

2. Therapeutic Approaches: In therapy, I incorporate different therapeutic approaches to ensure the focus goes beyond symptom reduction. I believe in allowing clients to explore and understand the root causes of their issues. The therapeutic approaches I use include:

   - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): A common treatment used for a variety of mental health concerns.
- Attachment Theory: Helps us understand the interactions with primary caregivers and how they may have affected your interactions with others in adulthood.
- Person-Centered Approach: Puts you and your needs at the center of everything we discuss in therapy.

- NHS recommends a minimum of 6 sessions

- NICE guidelines recommend between 8-12 sessions

*block bookings are available and can be discussed during the initial consultation

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1. Health Teams Coaching: I offer coaching to managers and teams, helping them incorporate a positive culture around mental health and wellbeing. I work closely with managers and team leaders to equip them with tools to support their team members effectively.

2. Psychoeducation/Training: With my clinical experience as a Health Psychologist, I am an expert in mental health and wellbeing training for organizations. I provide staff training and workshops, delivering comprehensive psychoeducation on various mental health topics.

3. Training Courses: I develop and deliver training courses that cover a range of mental health topics, including Mental Health Disorders, stress management, anxiety, depression, and effective communication. These courses provide a clinical understanding of these topics and offer practical advice and guidance that attendees can incorporate into their daily lives. The training sessions can be customized to suit the specific needs of your organization.

4. Workshops: Interactive workshops are offered to provide training on the management of mental health and wellbeing. These workshops aim to provide practical advice, guidance, and a safe environment for attendees to explore and exercise new skills related to mental health management.

5. Corporate Consultancy: I collaborate with organizations, providing high-quality and evidence-based services to improve mental health and wellbeing within the workplace. I offer consultation services to help organizations implement effective strategies and initiatives to enhance mental health support for their employees.


1. Clinical Supervision: As a BPS accredited Clinical Supervisor, I offer support and guidance to psychologists both in training and in practice. Working with me, you can expect professionalism and adherence to ethical guidelines set by the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council.

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